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Why’s it important to COMMUNICATE effectively?

The way you interact with the world determines how successful you can be in your career. Whether it is by listening to what others say, reading to gain information, writing clearly, speaking like a pro or even having a commanding presence, becoming a master of communication is important in your career.

Listening Actively

Learn how to make speakers feel heard and acknowledged, respond suitably to your peers and manager and ask the right questions to gain insights.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Makes everyone feel heard and acknowledged
  • Tailors response to others' needs and emotions
  • Asks relevant and probing questions to gain insight

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Reading Deeply

Learn how to use multiple approaches to read different kinds of texts, build the big picture before you begin reading and systematically improve your reading quotient.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Applies multiple approaches to read different kinds of texts and situations
  • Reads and comprehends with speed and consistency
  • Understands big picture without missing out on details

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Writing Proficiently

Learn how to use valid sources to persuade readers, use appropriate formats for written communication and summarize ideas clearly to present key points.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Uses valid evidence and sources to convince readers
  • Conveys messages using appropriate structures and formats
  • Synthesizes ideas clearly to emphasize key points

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Speaking Effectively

Learn how to verbally present ideas clearly and precisely, communicate with people in a compelling way and use non-verbal cues to speak powerfully.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Uses mix of methods to convince listeners
  • Presents ideas clearly, precisely and concisely
  • Uses non-verbal cues to convey messages with confidence

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Building Presence

Learn how to respond to others’ emotional needs, communicate with people in a compelling way and clearly articulate future ideas and visions.

Key Building Presence

  • Reacts to others sensitively and with an open mind
  • Persuades compellingly and leaves a positive personal impression
  • Articulates inspiring and clear vision for future

@ 999 only

5 Courses @ 4,995

Special Offer (50% off)

Your Rockstar Faculty

Learn success frameworks from industry experts to help you #GetNoticed

Shilpa Lamsay

Sunbeam India

ICF certified international coach

Ankur Warikoo


Serial Entrepreneur

Saurabh Mittal

Executive and
Life Coach

Co-founder- QYON (Question Your Own Notions)

Manisha Natarajan

Consultant and

Former Journalist

Ravishankar Iyer

Founder & Story Coach,
Story Rules

IIM Ahmedabad alumnus

Nupur Arya

Corporate Strategist
& Board Advisor

Harvard Business School alumna

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I'm now saving time and prioritizing projects by conveying my messages effectively.

Charu Madan

Aspirational District Fellow, Transforming Rural India Foundation
Speaking Effectively Course

I’m communicating better with people from all walks of life—personally and professionally.


Aspirational District Fellow, Transforming Rural India Foundation
Speaking Effectively Course

The course has helped me get back to my passion for writing with a systematic approach. I've published 11 anthologies during the lockdown!

Lavi Bachchis

MBA Student, Lovely Professional University
Writing Proficiently Course

5 Courses @ 4,995

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